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"Mists and the Stone"

I have seen a land that is green,
Far away where many dreams have been,
I have known a land that is home,
All but lost in the Mists and the Stone.

We have been many differrent things,
And all the while the Land she sings,
Of times long gone but always here,
Of many men and all their fears.

The Ancients knew of life and beyond,
And showed their love through dance and song,
Listen now and you will hear,
The sacred tunes we hold so dear.

I often think how we used to be,
Living with the Earth and the trees,
People used to feel for the land,
Now they want to turn it all to sand.

Anghus © 1997

[from Ravenswing CD "Time to Heal"]

"The Blessing of Life."

The bright rays of dawn
light the dome of the sky.
Turn back the velvet blanket of night.

The shimmer of stars
myriad tears of happiness
to see the perfect beauty of the universe

The Blessing of Life.
A canvas of colour, everchanging.
A rainbow ribbon that drifts through my days.

Katharine © 1997


Our Mother Earth she brings us here
She sheds on us her father's tear
Above he falls, With love she calls
They dance the night with magick near

We stomp our feet, the thunder peals
Circles turning nature's wheels
And still they dance, Behold the trance
Pure love as autumn's beauty heals

Sue ©
printed here with the kind permission of the author.


Again my memories flash back
Retracing my destiny track
Now stirringly reminding me
Of my great past, perfect and free
And there I stood, the blue-eyed Celt
A golden sickle in my belt
My body wrapped in large white cloth
And in my heart the holy oath
A cool wind crossed the endless land
So strong that even oaks would bend
The hills so green, the sky so blue
A world so strong, so pure and true
And right within this clarity
There was that beloved mystery
The magic that crossed the wide land
Like the lines on my druidic hand

Galin Deiseal ©

printed here with the kind permission of the author.

"The Leeuwin"

Katika © 2000

Sails billow majestically.
Blue green waves,
gently rolling,
beneath a threatening blue grey sky.
Excitement, Anticipation.

Sunlight breaking through the clouds,
in a golden cone and in sheets to the sides,
forming the Awen,
above the endless expanse of water
that fills three horizons.
Peaceful and Calm.

The sea swell rises as the channel is cleared,
white tips upon the waves,
showing the life within the ocean,
schools of fish,
dolphin on the port bow.

The sea isnít the only thing filled with life,
the air comes alive too,
with skags circling sunwise,
and plummeting suddenly into the feast below,
rising to circle and dive yet again.

Swallows flit around the sails,
the skag, now satisfied with itís meal,
circles the ship,
wingtips dancing on the waves,
as the crew sing songs of the sea.

Orders called,
ropes hauled,
two six heave,
two six heave,
a hard tack,
we turn around,
and sadly, head for harbour once more.

Behind, the golden globe of the sun,
slowly sinks into waves
of blue grey silk with copper sheets,
as the sky turns orange, then pink,
and darkness begins to take hold.
Blue black velvet with hints of violet,
beneath the black and silver canopy.

Glaring city lights,
cut through the beauty of the night sky.
Parting from her embrace,
with fond memories,
and a silent vow,
to return to her arms once more.